Why try to figure out this online course thing by yourself?

Grab a seat on the couch, crack open your pop, munch on the 🧁 snacks Mom left out for us to eat.

Hang Out With Us!

Hey there! I'm Samantha 👋

You’re friendly, neighbourhood

Course Developer & Strategist.

Let’s talk about your passion for hours and how to monetize it with an online course.

& it all happens on our dedicated app!

Remember the days when you used to hang out with your 👭 friends on a couch just talking about the things you were passionate about?

(Or what you were going to do on Saturday as a group.)

Usually, it was somewhere away from your parents like the basement – or den 😉 – and you all just hung around and talked for hours about anything and everything.

I know that working 💻 online (and being an entrepreneur) can be lonely

…especially if you’re the only one in your world doing it.

Sometimes the people around you just don't understand.

(Will Smith got that part right.)

But in the Course Creators 🛋 Den, we do.

It’s a fun, safe and 🫂 nurturing place for those just starting out in course creation.

What To Expect:

The vision

My 🔮 dream for you is a place where all the things that you’re doing for your business is resulting in money going into your bank account EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

The Vibe

I am all about actionable advice in a fun and casual way.

That means keeping you on the path to sales success (even when it seems impossible) with pop culture, tv and movie references and GIFs and memes thrown in along the way.

The teacher

You're going to get a teacher who prioritizes you figuring out how to create (& eventually sell!) your course in ways that align with WHO you truly are and how you WANT to do itnot how other people are telling you “should” be doing it.