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Work through my top-selling audio course framework to add a residual income stream so you can do less to fill more of your time with exploration, experiences and all those other elements of your dream life that are missing right now.

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"If you are looking to create online courses and then sell them, then Samantha King is the person to go to. Her knowledge is extensive and truly cares about helping you to produce and market your course in a way that builds your business." - Kim TP

The content creation 🐹 hamster wheel is all consuming…

are you seeing the roi to make it worthwhile?

You’re a giver who shows up everyday ready to share everything you’ve got with your audience via your content. But, deep down you know that you're not going to be able to sustain that…unless you have a way to monetize what you’re creating.

You have been 🤔 thinking about a course. 

(the industry continues to grow & is currently worth hundreds of billions of dollars!)

And when it comes to actually doing it, you know what’s out there and you likely know what those programs and services go for.

expensive done-for-you packages

You’re looking at $15,000 + to have someone do it for you. And that doesn’t include your time and effort to steer the ship in the right direction so that you’re happy with where you end up.

the big names & their programs

Slightly cheaper than done-for-you packages, but no opportunities to get personalized support or guidance. You have to comb through it all to try to make their system fit your business model. Ultimately, leaving you all alone at the end trying to figure out why it’s not working (or selling).

the cobble it together yourself approach

You could try to do this thing yourself with templates that cost anywhere from $47 to $200 each. You might have some templates already. Maybe there’s a course or two hanging around somewhere collecting dust. And even with all those resources, you still can’t seem to figure out how to efficiently bring it all together.

When you begin thinking about trying to do the course thing again, your eyes glaze over and you feel that wave of panic in your stomach because…you don’t have time to keep going back to the drawing board.

What if you could do this course thing without starting from scratch?

(cue the harp music from every sitcom flashback scene.)

Here’s what I see for you…

1️⃣ You are guided through my top-selling audio course framework. 

2️⃣ You have your current content organized and positioned as a paid product with an offer you know your audience is going to clamour to pay you for.

3️⃣ You’ve got all the tech set-up. 

4️⃣ You’ve used the scripts, checklists and templates provided to create your automated student onboarding process. 

5️⃣ Your launch is planned out, and you are actually excited about it because it aligns with your sales and marketing style so much.

(… and you did it all without wasting time spinning your wheels.)

The sales start to roll in and you realize that you’ve finally done it. You’ve found a way to turn your content into something that earns money for you without costing you more hours in the day.

Now, you finally have the time & financial resources to...

  • Take that dream vacation on a whim.
  • Buy all the stuff you’ve pinned on Pinterest.
  • Finally start those random hobbies you keep saying you’ll pick up one day.
  • Going on a shopping spree or for a spa day whenever you want - just because you can.
  • Share the world with your kids in an RV creating memories that will bond them closely together forever.

(okay, that last one is actually my endgame.)

The possibilities may be endless, but we’re cutting through the day dreaming and getting right to the YOLO results in this program.

Let’s take a closer look at how this program is going to methodically take you from content to profitable audio course in just 12-weeks!

Here’s where I roll out the red carpet for you like a Marvel movie premiere…

You may be telling yourself, I can do this on my own. But if you could, you would’ve already. Those courses and templates you bought to try and cobble this thing together wouldn’t be collecting dust. You wouldn’t be scrambling to get to your dream life so fast that you end up taking on too much in the process. 

So I am including these goodies to keep you streamlined and focused on taking action that fits perfectly into your audio course profitability 🧩 puzzle that we're going to create together long after we’ve wrapped:

From Idea to Course Planner

The ultimate resource for creating your top selling course. Over 45-pages, this planner is a one-stop shop of tasks and decisions from idea to research to launch and beyond.

Course Sales Success:

How To Create Monthly Sales Strategies

In this audio training and accompanying checklist and workbook, learn to create monthly sales strategies so that you know what action to take each month, people click, and you sell courses!

Thinkific & Hello Audio Tech Support

Demos, Set-Up Checklists & Guided Co-Working Sessions

Sales Funnel Webpages Guide

Get an overview of the different webpages you will need to set up before bringing your course to market.

Course Outline Audit where you get my eyes on your course outline for personalized feedback on it, your creation plan, lead magnet and marketing content.

Pre-Sell Strategy Audit where you get my eyes on your Borrowing Other People’s Audience & Launch Strategy for personalized advice on it, how to quickly implement and connection recommendations to see immediate results.

Value of bonus goodies ⏩⏩ $875

(Half of them aren’t actually available outside of this program 😲)

"I’ve worked with Samantha for several months now and she’s been such an important part of my development as the owner of a video production company that’s now offering e-learning. She was essential in developing my ecourse and the launching of it."

- Chris N.

"Samantha guided me through the process of creating Thinkific courses for my students. She is attentive, knowledgeable, honest and supportive. I greatly appreciate all the valuable insights she provided me with. Highly recommend her 😀."

- Amanda T.

"Samantha is fun to work with and helps me see angles I never thought of. I always walk away with clear ways to move forward that feel exciting and easeful to implement. I now feel extremely confident in my business, my clients journeys and how to grow and reach my goals.

- Jen W.

hey! Samantha here 👋

If you’re new to my corner of the internet, what you need to know is this: I have been teaching people to create top-selling digital courses for a while now. 

And while some things remain the same, the past few years have really changed the game out there. 

Here’s one big change that I have been tracking: Audiences are tired of sitting in front of their computers watching masterclasses or traditional video based courses. 

While they still want to learn what you have to teach them, they want something that they can listen to on the go instead of having to spend more time staring at their screens.

So, about a year ago, I went all in and began testing out audio courses in my own business and with my clients. With the switch to audio courses, we were seeing a renewed interest and the sales numbers to go with it. There was an increase in student completion rates, and engagement was through the roof.

And these results are all thanks to a simple, repeatable framework.

A framework that starts with designing an offer that takes all of that free content you’ve spent the last couple of years creating and monetizes it. One that finds the stuff your audience is loving right now and has them diving deeper into those topics, taking action to experience wins, and connects them with one another to build the community your brand is missing right now.

Because that's exactly what we’re going to use your brand-new audio course to do.

"I hired Samantha to help me learn the tools to promote and monetize my online course. She was able to give me great ideas on how to make my course look more professional, how to upsell my course and ways to create passive income by segmenting my materials."

- Sharon L.

"Samantha knows her stuff! I knew my content but needed help launching the course, finding the right software, etc. We got the course launched and set up for success. I would happily work with her again any time!"

- Adam W.

The part where you ✅✅ double-check if you should hand over your

hard-earned cash to be a part of this...

definitely join us in mmc if:

  • You are a subject matter expert who has a process that you want to create a residual income stream around.
  • You have a ton of juicy content that you need help putting together in a logical order for students so you can monetize it.
  • You are designing a business to accommodate a life others only dream of.
  • You want to work with someone who isn’t just saying she can, but is actually out there doing it with a proven leverageable system.
  • You invest in the how-tos and are committed to doing the work required to earn that investment back tenfold.

say no to joining us in mmc if:

  • You want to keep taking on too much instead of simplifying into steady strategies that get you to your endgame more efficiently - and without as much stress. 
  • Putting what is in the best interest of your community doesn’t always come first for you.
  • You love to learn and try out the newest things, but tracking your results isn’t a top priority for you.
  • You’re looking for a quick fix, so you tend to skip over the bigger, foundational pieces.
  • You need someone to just come in and do it all for you.

Look, I know that you don’t need a thousand and one extra things on your daily task list. You just need the system and tools to make things happen quickly and efficiently. That’s why I have designed this program the way that I have.

All I need to know now is…

Are you a good fit for this?

Yes, that's me! Let me pick my payment plan.

This program is awesome…and so is its guarantee!

I know that you work hard for your money, and I want you to feel 100% comfortable with your purchase. That’s why I offer a 100% risk-free guarantee.

Every new cohort starts with a 1:1 brainstorm session with me. If after your private Course Jumpstart Consultation, you firmly believe that I can’t help you or that you’re in the wrong program, I will gladly refund you the purchase price. That’s just the right thing to do.

See the full Terms and Conditions of Use for more info.


You’ve got some questions.

I’ve got the answers right here.

Why does this thing cost so much?

I know. You’re used to getting pieces of my strategies for less than $100 a pop. And, maybe you’re worried about spending money right now. I get it. The world feels like a crap storm with uncertainty around every corner. So it’s definitely important that you feel safe and supported if we work together. And it’s very important to me that you feel confident in the results you’ll get. 

Because let’s be honest for a minute. You know what’s out there and I’ve already reminded you what those programs and services cost.

Let me give you a simple, steady framework with step-by-step roadmaps to turn the content you’ve already got into an audio course that is completely ready to launch (there’s a roadmap for that too!) with a presell by the end of the program...all with the built-in feedback, time saving guidance and personalized solutions that those other options are missing. How much is that worth to you?

Why should I commit my time to this program?

I love this question and I am right there with you. While there will be work to do, none of it will be frivolous. This program is about the long game; a game that has you simplifying what you’re doing.

I am holding space for you to show up live to learn the things so that you can spend your time implementing them. I’ve built in dedicated Work Weeks (think back to your Reading Week experience in College) in case you get behind or one week is busier than the next. I have eliminated any unnecessary Q+A calls and am utilizing Voxer Office Hours so you and I can communicate privately as you work through things without something else clogging up your calendar.

And to make sure you’re spending most of your time in this program taking action, I am giving you all the checklists, templates, and brief-yet-action-focused demos to support you when you are actually doing the work instead of trying to makes notes of it all for later and share it at a call designed with someone else’s schedule in mind.

Will I need to purchase any software?

Frankly, this question isn’t asked enough. Truthfully the answer is yes, you will.

You could duct tape a bunch of free options together (and I can show you how to do that), but you likely would be missing out on the time-saving automations and already-gathered-in-one-spot features available to you in the platforms that I recommend.

But I don’t recommend you make the investment into these platforms - Thinkific and HelloAudio - lightly. As part of this program, we will go over your current tech stack and outline how you are going to build on them to ensure a foundation that allows for your growth plans. 

This sounds too good to be true. How can I be sure that what I walk away with is really as great as you say it will be?

Think about how powerful it is to have a mentor who has designed numerous learning experiences and countless digital courses asking you the right questions at all the key points in time so that you can get it done faster and with more confidence. 

To that end, I have added some bonuses that you can think of as the teacher checking your homework.

(I may have left the classroom…but I didn’t leave my teacher spirit behind 🤣)

The Course Outline and Pre-Sell Launch Sales Brief audits are opportunities for you to get my eyes on your stuff so I can guide you through potential pitfalls, spot gaps and holes that could cause you to miss out on money making opportunities and make connection recommendations so you can hit the ground running at every turn.

And knowing that I am going to be looking at your stuff personally is how I know that I can make good on my promises.

I have a YouTube channel. Is this for me?

If you’ve got videos that your audience can’t get enough of, I can help you turn it into a course. One that is going to build on the content you have and dive deeper into the topics your audience is gobbling up in a way that just bingeing your free content isn’t giving them.

Can I show up and be myself?

Of course! If who you are includes honouring a safe space for everyone. In my world, diversity, equity, inclusion and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities are always the right things to stand for. If that isn’t top priority for you, then this is not the place for you.

If you choose to join and behave in racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, classist, ableist, or anti-choice ways, you will be removed AND your money donated to an organization that actively works to help the people you are being derogatory towards.

I’ve got another question…

No problem! I would be surprised if you didn’t. Click here and let’s chat about it over Voxer!

Alright, friend. it's time to decide.

This is where I recap everything you can expect inside of the Monetize My Course Program:

💥 7-Weeks x 60-minutes LIVE training sessions 

💥 5-Weeks guided integration; access to support & solutions

💥 1:1 x 30-minute brainstorm session; establish goals to focus forward

💥 All sessions recorded; access for 60-days post program conclusion

💥 12-Week Private Podcast Feed Access: Uplevel profitability via expert related interviews

💥 Launch Process: sales funnel, launch templates, planners, checklists - including Team Trackers to give to your Virtual Assistant and Team!

💥 Student Onboarding Process: welcome scripts, checklist, & workbook template

💥💥💥 PLUS 45-day membership access to Course Creators Den: Member hub to successfully integrate your course(s) into your business model. Connect, collaborate with other course creators for revenue opportunities and sales tips!


are you feeling any of this?

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