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9 Ways To Find Your Profitable Course Idea


This straight-forward audio training will teach you the exact, proven strategies you can use to find–and vet–your next course idea so that it’s both helpful for your students and profitable for you.

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Creating Your Referral-Worthy Course


In this masterclass, learn how to create a course that your students will sell for you with my 3-step process for designing a rock-solid course.

From Idea to Course Templates


These templates will show you how to map out your course ideas and leave you with an exact blueprint of everything you need to do to finish your course. It's time to get that course out of your head (and heart!) and into the hands of the people who need it.

Kickstart Your Course Planning


Your go-to masterclass that will have you thinking about everything you need to consider to successfully create an online course arm to your business.

Online Course Tech Guide


The definitive guide to stop you from spending hours trying to figure out your tech options so that you can ✨FINALLY✨ create your course.

sell your course accelerator

Work with me to create courses your audience actually want, find the lessons in content you've already created, simplify your course sales process & put your business on the map so there are a line-up of people waiting to buy your course...before it's even finished.

πŸ¦Ήβ€β™€οΈLet's access your selling superpowersπŸš€

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Sales is all about action...

And so is my Monetize Your Course Program!

You're actually going to plan out and start making easier sales each month with this one.

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next, we're going to build your audience to keep ratings πŸ“ˆ up.

Let me teach you how to create an army of perfect buyers excited to grab your course right now.

Borrowing Other People's Audience: The ToolKit


Tired of feeling like you need to do all of the things to sell your course? Learn my signature Borrowing Other People's Audience strategy to increase your traffic and maximize your online course sales with this scalable, repeatable system.

How to add 100+ New Subscribers to your list in 30 days

build a community of fans around your course

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and, we can't forget to turn up the πŸ”Š volume on your course sales!

This is the part where I make sure you never avoid selling in your business again.

course sales success

only available as part of your sell your course membership!

In this audio training and accompanying resources, learn to create monthly sales strategies so that you know what action to take each month, people click, and you sell courses!

light up your revenue planner


Take your Q4 income from ho-hum to Hallelujah! with this 50+ page planner. Receive an accompanying 6 Module Text Course with 17 lessons walking you step-by-step through how to plan, produce and profit from your own holiday promotions.

Extra Bonuses Included: 4-Week Calendar & Comprehensive Checklist

turn your New leads into customers in 7 days

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