What do the Marvel Cinematic Universe & my members have in common?

They are both borrowing other people’s audiences to make sales daily.

I’m ready to #SellMyCourse!


"If you are looking to create online courses and then sell them, then Samantha King is the person to go to. Her knowledge is extensive and truly cares about helping you to produce and market your course in a way that builds your business." - Kim TP

Go from no sales to course buyers galore...

even if you have no idea how.

I see you, Course Creator.

You’re struggling to get people to pay attention to what you have to offer. Then throw on top of that the struggle of how to continually fill your sales funnel with new leads who trust you and successfully take them from audience to course buyer.

And I know that you’re busy trying to do all the things “they” tell you will sell your course for you, only to have none of it work.


scrambling & still missing the target

You’ve done the whole exhausting launch thing, but you always end up scrambling to make sales and never seem to hit the revenue targets you set.


going back to the drawing board...again

You’ve wasted so much time going back to the drawing board and restarting the process…and now you’re embarrassed that you’re even looking at a possible solution again when you’re pretty sure you’ll just give up.


learning new strategies that are supposed to work but don't

Tried every new strategy the gurus have done a free training on that just didn’t pan out and you’re not sure why.

But I am here to show you how to stop banging your head against the wall and start to see results everything you’re doing with a simplified and streamlined approach to your sales.

Even with a small audience and...

🍝 Your new-to-selling status that has you struggling to see what to do to put you and your course on the map, so you keep throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something sticks.

🤓 Your perfectionist tendencies that keep you in research mode trying to find that “correct” step

(even though you know that taking imperfect action is better than the holding pattern of doing nothing that you’ve got going on right now.)

💻 Your anxiety around tech and the online world that has always secretly held you back from jumping into opportunities like this one in the past.

⌛ You’re limited time that has you wondering if you’ll be able to make use of another thing without a team around you to take on some of the workload.

Turn up the volume on course sales by borrowing other people’s audiences!

A sense of pride in what you created: You took your time and outlined the course you wanted to create. You put your heart and soul into it. You believe in its ability to help your audience so much that you want to show up everyday and tell them why.

Audience into community with ease: You are borrowing other people’s audiences like a crossover of your favourite TV show. Each day you are taking action to turn your new audience members into a community who jump at every chance to engage with you. When you are ready to sell your course, your community is full of 100% perfect fits for your it and are ready to purchase.

You’re a lead generating, selling machine: Finding your footing as a business owner who now must sell for a living wasn’t easy. But you’re standing firm now and are excited to plan your sales ideas each month. The best part? Your consistent work has you selling courses every month!

This is all possible.

And that’s why I created my Borrowing Other People’s Audience framework and made it the foundation of this new membership.

You + My Framework = Growth & Sales!

You’re just one month away from having a repeatable system that attracts excited course buyers to you 24/7/365…before your course is even finished!

This is not just a “create your course” type of thing. This membership is all about making your plan to sell that course AND holding you accountable to act on those sales plans.

Join and you won’t be avoiding selling in your business anymore because I’m going to show you how to plan your sales and marketing in a way that aligns with you, tell you what to do each month and hold you accountable so you actually do it.

👇 Here's what's included each month 👇

Monthly Sales Plan Challenges:

Commit to laying out your sales & marketing each month with these and I will provide you with the training, easy-to-implement framework, and accountability to make it happen.

Recent Challenges Have Included: Your Profitable Course Offer to Maximize Sales, Getting Found, Engaging & Selling on TikTok, Sales Pages: Simplify Your Message & Multiply Your Sales, All Things Quizzes and
Borrowing Audiences on Clubhouse

Private Podcast Audio Feed:

Episodes where I share everything I know and actionable advice plus monthly interviews featuring guest experts who are sharing their best HOW-TO's to help you sell your course.

Behind-the-Scenes Reveals:

I will be taking you behind the camera lens and sharing play-by-plays, results and what I would do differently next time when it comes to selling in my business. It will be like being inside of my planning and debriefing sessions with me!

Foundations Training & Templates:

Borrowing Other People's Audiences 101 Masterclass Workbook & Planning Sheets to plan out your strategy right away.

Access to past content (including over 82 masterclasses!)

not-so-little extras when you join!

🎉 LIVE Monthly Calls

Imagine if Betty White came over to your house, saw Golden Girls on your Disney+ Watch List and asked you about it, only for you to say you hadn’t watched it yet. I mean she travelled a long way! Let’s not do that, okay?

When you join, we meet as a group each month to go over your progress and ask me anything you want about creating and selling your online course.

🎉 Course Sales Success: How to Create Monthly Sales Strategies

(not available anywhere else!)

Did you know there’s any easy way to figure out how you’re going to sell each month? You’ve just got to create your roadmap. Learn the system to create this roadmap and how to ensure you follow it so that you know what action to take each month, people click, and you sell courses!

This audio training (with accompanying templates & worksheets) is ONLY AVAILABLE inside this membership right now.

🐻 What do Leo DiCaprio & the Bear in Revenant have to do with my story? 🐻


Can I be honest with you?

One of the main issues that I have with my industry is that no one is *REALLY* telling you how to sell the course that they want you to pay them to show you how to create.

I have been in the online business space for awhile now. And after hearing the gurus tell me strategy after strategy, they had decided was the “magic ingredient” that I was missing, I started to notice that everything they were talking about were only pieces of the pie.

(why wasn’t anyone talking about the whole pie…I mean sales system?)

It was like filming the middle of a bunch of different movies, smashing them together and expecting them to be Oscar winners. I was like Leo at the Academy Awards. Thinking I was getting so close to real, live sales only to find out that - unless I was willing to fight a bear - I was going to keep coming up empty.

So, I took on that bear…with an apple pie. I went all in and began experimenting with my own ingredients to make my perfect pie. I knew that a strategy here and a strategy there wasn’t going to cut it. I needed to come up with a complete system so I could easily (and quickly) plan out and make sales month after month.

Within 6 months of implementing it, I was attracting the right people to my audience on repeat. They were excited to get into my sales funnel! And, when I went to sell my next course, that same audience had turned into an engaged community of course buyers ready to hand over their payment information.

And now I want you to get baking!

After all, why go into the bear fight with just a piece when you can take the whole pie?

Now it’s time to take you from course creator to course seller too!

👀 The part where you double-check if you should hand over your hard-earned cash to join this 👀

You’re a perfect fit for SYC if:

  • The idea of weeks-long launches exhaust and overwhelm you
  • You get fired up about participating in actionable challenges
  • Being in a group setting really helps you stay accountable to yourself
  • You thrive with systems when you have the support and guidance to make them work
  • You’re in it for the long-game and believe in your mission enough to see this through to the end

You’re not ready for SYC if:

  • You don’t have any idea what you’re going to sell in your business
  • You’re looking for a quick fix, so you tend to skip over the bigger, foundational pieces
  • Spending any type of money right now would hurt your family
  • You’re avoiding sales in your business and like it that way
  • You need someone to just come in and do it all for you

This membership is awesome…and so is it’s guarantee!

Look I know that this membership is going to help you sell your course. However, I also know that you work hard for your money, and I want you to feel 100% comfortable with your purchase.

That’s why I offer a 💯 risk-free guarantee.

(imagine if the theatres had done that for all of the people who sat through Cats?)

When you join, you’ve got 14 days to “play” inside the membership. If you feel that you can’t use any of the resources to increase your course sales, no worries. I will refund you the purchase price.

(That’s just the right thing to do.)

Send an email to me personally at samantha@sellyouronlinecourse.com to let me know.


We've got A's for your Q's

I Don't Have A Course Yet or I Sell Digital Products. Can I join?

Yes! You do not need to have your course finished...or even outlined...to be a part of this membership. I believe that the sales and marketing for a course (or digital products) should start the minute your course outline is roughed out. With that being said, your authority building should start long before that.

This membership will give you the access to me to help you get that course out of your head, outlined and ready to for students, sure. But it will teach you the even more important steps you need to take to build up your audience, prepare them for your course offer and get them to buy it when the time comes. And once I teach it to you, I am going to give you what you need and hold you accountable each month so you see results!

If you are trying to successfully bring your course to market while still avoiding some of the most common course selling pitfalls facing course creators today, this is for you.

Why is this priced at $9/month?

Okay– if you’re worried about spending money right now, I get it. The world feels like a crap storm. So, it’s definitely important to me that you feel safe and supported if we work together.


That said, we both know that it’s nearly impossible to be happy with your course sales (and also not completely overwhelmed) when you’re trying to be everywhere doing “all the things.”


If you know the effort you’ve put into your creating and marketing your course is LEVEL 10, but the sales still aren’t coming in as much as you’d like...then I know that even if I deliver on just one promise inside this membership, you’re going to feel like a TV star on Emmy Night for having bought it.


If you’re having trouble with the mystery about “how to get the word out about your course like a movie star on a press tour,” let me help you solve it.


Let me give you some simple, step-by-step actions to so you’re no longer avoiding selling in your business...all without giving up your individuality or boundaries.


So you can get back to the good ole days with your business where you felt excited and aligned with the work your were doing each day. How much is that worth to you?

I’m up to my eyeballs with work/email/life. I’m not sure I have the time for this.

I hear this all the time! Don’t overthink this. The success you have will be around how you show up, take action and engage with the folks you attract to you, not some weird perfect number of hours spent doing it that some lady on the internet (me) tells you to have.

I want you to experience the power of having something that, once in place, becomes so routine that the system basically runs itself.

(And makes you $$$!!!) 

Right now, you might be in a sort of chicken-or-egg situation.

Should you try to free up some time to set-up this sales planning system?

Or should you join this membership and have my system free up some of your time?

You know my answer. 

I’ve designed this membership for even the most time-strapped entrepreneur. Each month’s challenge and supporting material is short, bitesize lessons coupled with actionable steps. So, both watching and implementing are quick.

And, I have included check-ins to hold you accountable and make sure that that last statement is true for you EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.

How is this different than other ‘create your course’ products, marketing courses or content creation memberships?

Great question! Think of those products like a Holiday Special. Usually, a one-off episode that has the same characters, but doesn’t really connect into or move the season’s plot forward at all.

Now think of this membership as mid-season premiere your favourite TV series. Its purpose is to build on what we already know from the first half of the season and bring it together with what’s next for our favourite characters.

Those other courses or memberships teach in a topic silo or only focus content creations without connecting it to the things that you actually sell. Like those Holiday Specials, they focus on your business (like we will), but they don’t connect to any of the “plot” to move your sales numbers forward.

Ohhh….and this is one key difference: This is a membership that is focused on selling.

In this membership, you’re getting access to resources and services that you get to pick and choose however much you want to use. You could literally show up to Ask Me Anything call or submit your course outline for feedback or open one monthly challenge email one time, and you’ll walk away with something tangible immediately. I’m serving as more of a consultant and your guide through the online course world.

When you take advantage of all elements on your membership, you’re getting direct, specific feedback on your course and YOUR PLANS to sell that course. That way, you’re not only getting help during the development stages of creating your course, but you’re also building an audience of course buyers. You’re learning, and you’re moving the gauge in your sales numbers higher at the same time.

What if I don’t learn anything new?

I won’t punish you for being amazing! If you take a proper look through this membership and feel that you can’t use any of the resources to increase your sales, let me know within 14 days of purchase and I'll refund you. Please note this refund policy does not cover a change of mind. If you request a refund, I will ask you for feedback on how the membership didn't meet your expectations so I can improve our marketing messaging in future. Please see the full Terms and Conditions of Use for more info. 

Can I show up and be myself?

Of course! If who you are includes honouring a safe space for everyone. In my world, diversity, equity, inclusion and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities are always the right things to stand with and fight for. If that isn’t top priority for you, then this is not the place for you. If you choose to join and behave in racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, classist, ableist, or anti-choice ways, you will be removed AND your money donated to an organization that actively works to help the people you are being derogatory about.

I’ve got another question…

No problem! I would be surprised if you didn’t. Email me at my personal email – samantha@sellyouronlinecourse.com – and let’s chat!

I’d love to see you inside of my Sell Your Course Membership!

Here’s what you get when you join:

💥 Monthly Sales Plan Challenges & Templates that utilize my 3-step Borrowing Other People’s Audience system

💥 Private Podcast Audio Feed with actionable advice from me and monthly interviews featuring guest experts

💥 Behind-the-Scenes Reveals where I share play-by-plays, results and what I would do differently next time when it comes to selling in my business

💥 LIVE Monthly AMA sessions with me to ask anything you want about creating and selling your online course

💥 TRAINING: Borrowing Other People's Audiences 101

💥 TRAINING: Course Sales Success: How to Create Monthly Sales Strategies

💥 Access to past content (including over 82 masterclasses!)

👉 $9/month 👈


Learn how to borrow other people's audience

like a crossover episode of your favourite TV show...& then make $$ doing it.

For just $9/month, I basically challenge you every month to come up with your sales plan and then provide you with the training, easy-to-implement framework, and accountability to make it happen.

I’m ready to #SellMyCourse!