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hey there, I'm Samantha!

Aside from TV lines and movie references, I know a lot about two things:

  • how to quickly design a course that your students tell their friends about.
  • how to borrow other people’s audiences to get the word out to people who want to buy that course.


In 2017, I created my first course. I was fairly new to the online business space and was working hard to get out of the friend zone with my audience.


After binge watching one of my comfort TV shows, Friends, I realized that I was the Mayor of Friend Zone where my audience wasn’t concerned. They didn’t see me as an expert that they should pay to learn from.


(ouch, right?)

I had spent my first 18 months in business marketing the way the gurus told me to. And all it got me was the job of overwhelmed mayor.

I knew that selling online wasn’t going to be easy.


(I have enough years in the sales & marketing world to know that.)


But I also knew there had to be an easier way to sell my new course.

The first step was to get my course (and name) in front of the right audiences 💨 FAST.

That’s when I started borrowing other people’s audiences...and I’ve never looked back.

I’m tired of my friends making courses & digital products that don't sell.

Everyone is talking about all of these different strategies. But why isn’t anyone talking about how to put these strategies together to create your own sales system?


When I found myself with the unwanted title of Mayor, I began looking back on what I had done to win the election. I had tried to implement a strategy here and a strategy there when what I needed to do was come up with a complete system so I could easily (and quickly) plan out and make sales month after month.


I also realized that the one thing that had really worked for me was…borrowing other people’s audiences. And that, with a little tweaking, I could move from Mayor of the Friend Zone to Queen of my own Authority Island. This was the first piece of my new sales system.


Within 6 months of implementing it, I was attracting the right people to my audience on repeat. They were excited to get into my sales funnel! And, when I went to sell my next course, that same audience had turned into an engaged community of course buyers ready to hand over their payment information.


So, whatever your course is about, I am here to tell you that you can get it into the hands of the people who need it by selling it in ways that align with who you truly are and how you want to market and sell in your business.


You just need a framework that has a proven methodology behind it to create your sales system.

That’s what I want to give you.

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